About Us

We are a friendly, beach-casual congregation. We take the walls down in summer and become an open-air chapel. In early October, after the Blessing of Animals, we put the walls back up and hang the heaters. Every year we give away half of our income in outreach, mostly locally.

Our vicar leads the Bible Study and worship from the end of September through May. In the summer, we invite visiting clergy to come enjoy the attached beach cottage and lead worship.

Christmas is special at St. Simon's!

Every year on the third Sunday of Advent, we have the "Greening of the Church." It's extra special at St. Simon's! Chicken wire is stapled to the wall behind the altar and fresh cedar and pine boughs are inserted - creating a wall of greens. Everyone, all ages, help with the transformation. Pizza and beverages keep the workers happy! Our Music Director Dana Marchand leads us in Christmas carols while we work. We also have a Christmas Party and gift exchange.


We cook and serve at the JudeoChristian Outreach Center